January, 2007
To Our Customers:  
Unfortunately, we have found it necessary to Increase prices this year. This is only the second increase since 2000.  We have been able
to maintain our price stability by increasing the efficiency of our operations and by quantity purchasing.  Unfortunately the recent increases
in the price of petroleum products and especially shipping have forced us to increase prices.  As you are aware, we include the cost of
ground transportation within the continental United States in the price of our materials.
If there are new products that you would like to see us produce, let us know.  We are always interested in developing new tools for the
optical industry.  




Companies with established credit usually order by phone or fax for fastest service.  Our phone number is:
                                  (505) 425 9505
Fax orders may be sent to the same number.  Our e-mail address is cycadp@zialink.com
If a follow-up purchase order is sent, it should be clearly marked CONFIRMING so that the order will not be duplicated.
While we attempt to monitor the phone continuously between 8 AM and 5 PM Mountain time, it is sometimes necessary for
all of our people to be out of the office.  An answering machine installed on the phone makes it possible for messages to be
left 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  We can usually reply to a recorded message within an hour during business hours.  


Purchase orders from established companies in the optical industry will be accepted.  Orders from individuals should be
accompanies by a check unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  New Mexico customers should include
sales tax if we do not have a valid nontaxable transaction certificate on file.  Mail orders should be sent to:
                                CYCAD PRODUCTS, LLC
                                763 Dora Celeste Drove
                                Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701  


                  Payment is expected within 30 days.  We will not ship to any company with an account over 60 days old.  


CYCAD will normally pay shipping within the continental United States if we select the transportation.  We normally
ship via United Parcel Service.  If the buyer requests special shipping such as truck or air freight, all shipping costs are
at the buyer's expense.  
This catalog is effective January 1, 2007 and replaces all previous price lists.